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At Maz Herbal Product’s we pride ourselves on the professionalism of our staff and Products that you can trust...

I am Dr. M. Zulu, CEO of Maz Herbal Product. I have one certificate, two diplomas and a doctricte to medical level of education. As a doctor I am happy knowing that the Maz Herbal product is making a difference in peoples lives and I can enjoy everyday that I work because I know that I am helping people.

Maz Herbal product has been growing our company and our product’s since 1996, starting from home with just one product, “Immune Booster” and no vehicle -  

Today we have over 9 products available to the market with multiple vehicles and a formal office based in Shannon Drive, Reservoir hills.

We have a staff of 10 employees who are dedicated, loyal and truly believe in the healing properties of the Maz herbal product’s.

With of the great success of the Maz Herbal Product’s we plan to see an incredible growth in our near future.   

We currently supply our products across Kwa Zulu Natal with plans to expand into other provinces. Our products are available to the general public from Maz Herbal Product, products are also available at certain pharmacies.  

Products range from:

Immune booster, Maz Amazing waters 1 & 2,               

Maz Inqama natural herbs, Maz Libido for men, Maz Igezo ( Lezintonmbi), Maz herbal soap, Maz body cream, Maz petroleum jelly & Maz umthiwenyongo.

Maz Immune Booster
Maz Water No. 1 and 2

At Maz Herbal Product, our vision is to assist people with our products at an international level with products manufactured in our own factory in South Africa. We would also like to able to supply to government hospitals and clinics. At Maz Herbal Products we see our company and our products growing to greater dimensions.   


As Maz Herbal Product grows we would like to be able to be a benefit to charity organisations such as deaf & blind society and under privileged schools around KZN.

Maz Soap